General Auditor

General Auditor

The goal of the General Auditor is to assist Metropolitan's board and management in improving business and financial practices. To carry out this effort, the General Auditor oversees a team of audit professionals who determine whether Metropolitan activities, programs and agreements comply with policies, procedures and regulations. They proactively address issues, with a focus on risk management, controls and governmental processes.

The General Auditor provides independent, objective advice, in accordance with the Institute of Internal Auditors' mandatory standards and guidelines. To maintain that independence, the General Auditor reports directly to the board via the Audit and Ethics Committee. 

Audit staff assess whether Metropolitan processes:

  • Adequately identify and manage risks;
  • Ensure significant financial, managerial and operating information is accurate, reliable and timely;
  • Ascertain that employees’ actions comply with policies, standards, laws and regulations;
  • Provide for the economical and efficient acquisition, use and protection of resources;
  • Foster quality and continuous improvement;
  • Facilitate the achievement of programs, plans and objectives;
  • Recognize and address significant legislative or regulatory issues. 

The office carries out its responsibilities in accordance with the Audit Department Charter outlined in the MWD Administrative Code.

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